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Dungeons & Dragons: Tactical Maps Reincarnated (D&D Accessory)


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A bestiary of wondrous friends and foes for the world’s greatest roleplaying game

Sparkling with the musings of the wizard Mordenkainen, this tome features a host of creatures for use in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Compiling and updating monsters that originally appeared in previous D&D fifth edition releases, these creatures represent some of the most benevolent and malevolent forces that D&D heroes might face.

The book also gathers together fantastical peoples from many different worlds. Each of these peoples represents a race option when you create your D&D character, expanding on the choices in the Player’s Handbook.

  • Includes more than 250 monsters—updates to the monsters include making spellcasters easier for Dungeon Masters to run, giving many monsters more damage and resilience, and improving the organization of the stat blocks themselves
  • Includes more than 30 playable races—brings the game’s setting-agnostic races into one book, complementing the races in the Player’s Handbook
  • A multiverse of lore—includes updates to monster lore that refocuses their stories on the D&D multiverse, rather than on any particular world

2 in stock

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Bring your Dungeons & Dragons game to life with this collection of twenty beautifully rendered, full-color, tactical poster maps.

Maps are a key element of every Dungeons & Dragons campaign. A map’s importance in bringing your world to life can’t be overstated. The same can be said for your encounter maps. Sometimes you need a visual representation of the area your adventurers are in, or perhaps tactical combat is simply the way your group rolls. However you play, we’ve got you covered. Twenty beautifully rendered, tactical poster maps are contained herein, perfect for bringing any D&D game to life.

– 20 full color poster maps. Each is adorned with a 1-inch grid, perfect for use with D&D miniatures.

– A wide assortment of terrain, environments, and locations are represented.

– This “Best of” collection is carefully chosen from some of DND’s most exciting adventures:

– Tomb of Horrors (4th edition)

– Vor Rukoth (4th edition)

– Demon Queen’s Enclave (4th edition)

– Death’s Reach (4th edition)

– The Book of Vile Darkness (4th edition)

– Kingdom of the Ghouls (4th edition)

– Dungeon Master’s Kit (4th edition)

– Orcs of Stonefang Pass (4th edition)

– Fields of Ruin (3rd edition)

– Gargantuan Blue Dragon (3rd edition)

– Vaults of the Underdark (4th edition)

– Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack (3rd edition)

– Colossal Red Dragon (3rd edition)

– Red Hand of Doom (3rd edition)

Series Overview: The leader in providing contemporary fantasy entertainment, Dungeons & Dragons is the wellspring for the entire modern game industry, digital as well as tabletop. Fifth edition D&D draws from every prior edition to create a universally compelling play experience, and exemplifies the true spirit of a game that holds captive the hearts and minds of millions of players worldwide.


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