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Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron: Rising From The Last War


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Within this tome are seven of the most compelling dungeons from the 40+ year history of Dungeons & Dragons. Some are classics that have hosted an untold number of adventurers, while others are some of the most popular adventures ever printed. The seeds of these stories now rest in your hands. D&D’s most storied dungeons are now part of your modern repertoire of adventures. Enjoy, and remember to keep a few spare character sheets handy.

1 in stock

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Whether aboard an airship or a train car, embark on thrilling adventures shrouded in intrigue! Discover secrets buried by years of devastating war. in which magic-fueled weapons threatened an entire continent.
In the post-war world. magic pervades everyday life, and people of all sorts flock to Sharn. a city of wonders where skyscrapers pierce the clouds. Will you find your fortune on mean city streets or scouring haunted battlefields? Will you throw in ⁃ your lot with the mighty dragonmarked houses? Will you seek truth as a newspaper reporter. a university researcher. or a government spy? Or will you forge a destiny that defies the scars of war?
This book provides tools that both players and Dungeon Masters need to explore the world of Eberron. including the artificer character class-a master of magical invention-and monsters birthed by ancient warmongering forces. Will Eberron enter a prosperous new age. or willthe shadow of war descend once again?

For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook. Monster Manual* and Dungeon Master ‘s Guide


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