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Call Of Cthulhu


Please note each unit purchased represents a reservation for one person coming for the session

  • For Players Of All Levels – Know nothing about Call Of Cthulu? That’s Ok! We’ll teach you everything you need to know!

  • Everything Provided – From dice to character sheets, don’t worry we got you fam! Just bring yourself! 
  •  Fun & Friendly – Sit back, relax and just enjoy yourself!

Step into the shadowy realms of Arkham with our Call of Cthulhu introductory sessions, tailor-made for novices ready to unveil the mysteries of the cosmos. These sessions serve as a portal to the eerie and arcane universe of Call of Cthulhu, a setting where the boundary between reality and madness blurs. Armed with only your wit and the tools provided, embarking on a journey into the unknown has never been more enthralling. Whether you’re venturing alone into the dark or rallying your band of investigators, secure your spot now and prepare to confront the ancient horrors lurking beneath the surface of our world!

Here’s what our 3-hour Call of Cthulhu adventure session includes:

  • A primer on the Call of Cthulhu rule system, emphasizing investigation and sanity over combat.
  • Exploration into the Lovecraftian universe, including the mythos, arcane lore, and the ever-present threat of cosmic horrors.
  • Intense storytelling and character-driven decision-making in an atmosphere rife with suspense and supernatural dread.
  • Strategies for survival and sanity preservation in the face of unspeakable terror.

Embrace the creeping dread and the allure of the unknown. Book your session today and begin your descent into the depths of Lovecraftian horror!


A Homebrewed Living World


With all our players playing in the same world, every move you make has the power to impact the rest of the store. Here are some things players have done! Summon Cthulu, bringing in an evil villain the whole store had to fight against. Kill a King and start a civil war. Everything you do makes a difference here and gets logged into our history (Beginner games not included)

Experienced DMs


Having taught more than 500 players how to play the game of Dungeons and Dragons you can rest assured that you’re in good hands! Dynamic and fun, every DM here is well trained and ready to bring the fun!

Production Ready


With over 8,000 Miniatures, smart lights throughout our play areas,  5.1 Surround Sound powered with AI generated music and specially written software just for the store we’re ready for every situation

A Safe And Fun Community


We take great pains to try to keep the store a fun and safe space! With our special matchmaking process we are focused on helping our campaigners to find good groups that love spending time together. We think people should have a place to take a break from life and no amount of money will take that away from our members.

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